If you are unsure ASK THE QUESTION

Ask any of our catering team for information on the 14 major allergens or for guidance with dietary requirements including dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They will be able to share with you our daily allergen matrix which details all freshly prepared food, made on site. This includes our handmade grab and go range, fresh hot food offer and our salad bar. Allergens contained within condiments, toppings or our retail range are not included within the allergen matrix.

Whilst we have strict controls in place to reduce the risk of contamination, we use ingredients throughout our kitchen which mean we unfortunately cannot guarantee that traces of some allergenic ingredients won’t be found in our foods.

Our aim is to help everyone who comes to Northcliffe House to enjoy our food, if you need any further information contact us via the feedback form

Live well is our health and wellbeing brand. It aims to to help make healthier food and beverage choices the easier choices. Live well promotes a broad range of food, whether you are following a specific food plan or not, there is something to suit your diet needs and choices.

Look out for the Live Well logo and our six nutrition claims to help you make your decisions:

  • Ideal for people trying to shed a few pounds, items marked LOW CALORIE contain less then 40 calories for every 100 grams of product or dish.

  • Typically including lean protein, lots of vegetables and limited dairy, items marked LOW FAT contain less then 3% fat.

  • Containing lean protein such of chicken, fish or legumes and pulses, items marked as HIGH PROTEIN contain 20% or more.

  • Items marked 1 OF YOUR 5-A-DAY contain over 80g of fruit and/or vegetables. Tip - dishes that contain fruit or veg but are also high in fat don't count.

  • Products marked LOW SALT contains less than 0.3g of salt per 100g of product, that's something to look out for if you are trying to reduce your blood pressure.

  • Items marked LOW SUGAR contain less than 5g of total sugar per 100g in food or less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml in drinks.

Get interactive with our nutrition team on twitter; ask us questions, tag us in posts and get involved!